Mackenzie Ryan



Mackenzie Ryan is an entrepreneur and national-award winning journalist who’s embraced storytelling as the most authentic and wholehearted form of communication.


Mackenzie Ryan

- National award winning journalist
- Co-founder of Des Moines Storytellers Project
- Founder of Hope Storytellers
- Founder of Love Letter Stories LLC

She founded Love Letter Stories, a coaching, consulting and training company that helps individuals identity the most powerful moments to share and how to share them.

A self-described “builder” who loves to help grow and develop teams, Mackenzie has been instrumental in a number of storytelling ventures. She’s passionate about helping individuals find and share their story well.

She co-founded the Des Moines Storytellers Project, a live storytelling series she helped grow from the basement of the Des Moines Social Club to selling out Hoyt Sherman Place.

And she founded the Hope Stories Workshop, which teaches individuals how to share a story of faith during community storytelling nights.

Mackenzie works as a producer for the Des Moines Register. She’s served as a reporter at multiple newspapers, including stints on both coasts and back home in the Midwest.

She graduated with honors from American University in Washington, D.C., with degrees in print journalism and economics. She’s won state, regional and national journalism awards for her work in multiple states.

She lives in West Des Moines, attends Lutheran Church of Hope and enjoys gardening, taking her dog Maddie on walks, and spending time with her friends and boyfriend.


Love Letter Stories LLC

Gain confidence and composure using Mackenzie’s unique storytelling approach, which serves secular and Christian audiences using a faith- or values-based model.